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Please note that whilst every effort has been made to ensure the data accuracy, the planning information contained within the site should not be used to complete formal local land charges searches and cannot be relied upon to constitute a full planning history for a site. Records Pre 1990's do not exist on this database for applications in Colnbrook and Poyle due to changes to administrative boundaries. Contact 01753 477340 to arrange an appointment.

This site includes only those records which Slough Borough Council hold on computer, and is not therefore a complete database of all information held by the council. No responsibility will be taken for any errors of omissions in planning information obtained and no liability is accepted for loss or damage arising from use of planning information obtained from this site whether foreseeable or otherwise. Similarly, the information contained does not constitute in any way a formal notification of a planning decision, and as such any actions taken as a result of information displayed on the site are undertaken entirely at the user's own risk.

Printed copies and uncontrolled electronic copies of any documents may not be the latest version. Please note by accessing this service, you agree to have read and accept the terms and conditions.The system is available 24hrs a day subject to operational maintenance.

Scaling of Plans:
If printing plans from these pages please note that they will not necessarily be to the exact scale specified on the plans.

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